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Safety Margin In Power Semiconductors

Magnalenz Induction Furnace

FERmelt Furnaces works on parallel circuit design. Even at the highest power level the thyristors chosen work approximately at one third of the current. In other words the safety margins on the thyristor are very high. Service life of thyristors is extended due to consequent low heat losses and lower operating temperatures.

Reduced Melting Cost With Constant Power

FERmelt Furnaces are designed to deliver maximum power from the beginning, which reduces the melting time, resulting in lower energy consumption.

High Electrical Efficiency

FERmelt Furnaces are designed to minimise electrical losses. Electrical Efficiency is 97% (Over all)

High Power Factor

The reactive energy used on FERmelt Furnaces is very low and the average power factor is Better than 0.95, thus no additional precautions for improving power factor are needed.

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