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Magnalenz Induction Furnace

1. What metal you propose to Melt
( Because Resistively & density of the metal or alloys decide the crucible size and electrical parameters )
If other, specify the maximum data/ details you have, like density of material , resistivity Magnetic permeability, structure etc
2. Will you Pour the metal directly( Ex: Directly in to mould )
a. In to moulds through tundish or use ladle. ( Ex: Through Ladle )  
b. If ladle please specify Ladle Size ( Ex: Tons )
c. Pouring time to empting ladle ( Ex: Minutes )
3. Total Molten Metal requirement per day, and no. of working Hrs Per day
(This will help us to decide the melt rate in Kg/ Hr at a given pouring temp, so that to offer you the most economical size of the furnace , which meets your target production with minimum electricity consumption)
4. Weight of the largest average and smallest casting including runners & riser
( Which helps us to decide crucible size )
a. Largest
b. Average
c. Smallest
5. Available KVA Exclusively for KVA Available furnace & KVA can be arranged for ?
( This will helps to decide KVA of the furnace system you can install )
a. Plus KVA can be sanctioned or arranged
6. Incoming H.T. Supply Voltage available.  
This will helps to decide High Tension Transformer
a. Other than specified
7. Are you using any furnaces ? If yes, Please fill Below Information.  
Oil Fired Furnace Size Make
ARC Furnace Size Make
Induction Furnace Size Make
CUPOLA Size Make
Time frame to commission the projects (approx)  
Quotation Required Not Required
8. Invite Sales Representative for Detail Discussion.
a. Date b. Time
Organisation/Company Name:
Contact Person:
Country Code Area Code Phone Number
Street Address:
Zip/Postal Code:

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