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Melting Crucibles

Magnalenz Induction Furnace

Structurally it consists of three independent sections:

  1. Base frame
  2. Tilting Frame
  3. Interchangeable inductor comprising the coil made from specially shaped copper section featuring Higher Strength and Higher Conductivity.

The melting basin is inside the inductor with an adequately thick refractory lining in between. The special Trip system for wear on refractory is also provided.

For easy emptying, calm and complete pouring, a special hydraulic system is incorporated.

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Melting Crucibles

Mf Solid State Power Converter

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Aluminum Melting

Induction Melting Of Brass

Induction Melting Of Copper

Induction Melting Of Steel

Very Small Capacity Induction

Melting Furnace


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