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Magnalenz Induction Furnace

In view of the higher initial investments, it is externally important to utilize the induction furnace in a most efficient manner. While determining the efficiency of the furnace, the metal tapping rate is of greater significance than the melting rate. The 'metal tapping rate' can be defined as a product of the 'melt rate' and the 'utilization factor'. It is necessary to operate the furnace in the most effective way in order to achieve highest utilization factor.
The parameters affecting the utilization factor have been discussed here.

Charging Scrap Quality & Other Raw Materials Quality Parameter:
Correct charge mix plays in important role in deciding the tap to time of the furnace. Following parameters should be considered while selecting the charge mix.
  • The charge should be clean and rust free. The oxidation losses and the slag generation is substantial in case of rusty scrap.
  • The charge should be in suitable sizes. The ideal charge is such that, the whole crucible can be packed without leaving voids. In order to achieve condition close to this, the charge should be lumpy in form or should be 'bailed' in suitable sizes.

    Most of the time in practice the selection of charge mix is governed by the prices of the scrap. While selecting the scrap based on economics, one should also consider the yield of the scrap, power consumption and the 'tap to tap time'. The selection is done best when the contribution per ton per hour is considered. It is often found that the cheapest charge mix need not be the most economical one.

    A similar exercise should be made while selecting the other raw materials.

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