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Ancillary Equipments

Magnalenz Induction Furnace

Those Equipments are supplied to specific client's requirements for a better functionally of the Medium Frequency Furnaces installations:

Basically it Consists of:
  1. Cooling Tower
  2. Step-up & Step-Down Transformers
  3. Close loop D.M. Water circulation for crucible
  4. Automatic Charging Equipments
  5. Energy metering devices
  6. Control & Programming of Power absorbed during production cycle
  7. E.O.T. Cranes
  8. Water softening plant.


24 Hours/365 days a year around service is available.

Description Of Mf Installations

Melting Crucibles

Mf Solid State Power Converter

Ancillary Equipments

Control Circuits

Safety Margin In Power

Safety And Protection System

Furnace Selection

Aluminum Melting

Induction Melting Of Brass

Induction Melting Of Copper

Induction Melting Of Steel

Very Small Capacity Induction

Melting Furnace

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